What is a logo? Basic concept of logo design

What is a Logo?

Logo design is a very important work for graphic designers. It is a type of graphic symbol or symbol that is commonly presented to business organizations, companies and people for the purpose of assistance-assistance. Many educational institutions have logos. Some cities also have logos. There are also logos for sports clubs or teams. Even people can create logos for themselves if they wish. Graphics Design gradually more popular day by day At first design any logo we should know the basic concept of logo design. So, in this article, we will know about the basic concept of logo design.

Why is the Logo used?

Simply, a logo helps to convey the identity of a company or an organization. In the eyes of the common people, a logo means a company or a product.

Since the logo represents the identity of an organization, it is also necessary to beautify and publish the organization when designing the logo. To think about this, you must first select which type of logo will be used in the company. As the world’s well-known soft drink company has created their logo in such a way that it can be seen that the logo is meant to be something liquid.

Here are some things to know before creating any kind of logo:

  1. Is the logo being redesigned or the previous logotype changed?
  2. What type of organization is the logo being used in?
  3. The logo has to be nice.
  4. The logo should be glossy.
  5. Not only would it be nice to see the logo, but it would also have to have a brand message as well. So that it will also give you a basic idea about the company’s product or service.


The use of colour has to be accurately represented in the creation of any logo. In that case, the logo (business card, letterhead pad, website, poster, t-shirt, banner, packet, car) should be determined in advance. After determining the subject, the colour must be selected. The logo is actually a lot of colours, so it’s best to use different colours.

In fact, making something is a necessity. Likewise, there is some software for designing a logo. The two most commonly used software is:

  1. Corel Draw: Corel Draw is a vector-based graphics software. Text is also used to print a final print or film.
  2. Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator, a vector graphics editor known only as ‘Illustrator’. Through it, all graphics design, logo, a banner can be created.

With the above two soft wires, anyone can design any kind they want.

Now that the logo has been created, the display step has come to the fore. In fact, this step is to make the logo glow. And to do this you have to use any mockup as you wish.

How to Make a Free logo?

If you have a blog, website or YouTube channel, then, of course, you are planning to create a logo for your online business for free. Creating a free logo is not a straightforward task. However, there are many logos on the Internet that you can use to create a free logo for your blog or YouTube channel.

Most free logo creation websites or online software trick us. They say, “create a free logo” at first, but when we try to download our made logo, they do not allow us to download it for free. And, for that logo, we have to pay (if you want to download).

Beyond that, you can create logos on many online logo design software or websites and you are given the opportunity to download them. However, on such a website you can download only a “low quality” file of your own logo for free.

And if you want to download the “High quality, HD and attractive” files of the created logo then you have to pay for it.

Remember, if you use the low-quality logo on your blog or youtube channel, it will look very bad. Therefore, the logo will always be of good quality.

So, what do you do now? How to make an attractive high-quality logo and download it for free?

The answer is, “CANVA Online Logo Design Software”. Hey, using this online software you can create attractively, HIGH QUALITY and free logos for your blog or website and download them easily.

I hope you can understand properly the Basic concept of logo design. So, practice it properly. I am sure that you will be a success.