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Best WordPress Security Plugin For Your Website

WordPress is a very secure platform. However, it gives some extra security and firewall to your site by employing security that always protects your website. The beat One WordPress Security plugin will take your website security to an entirely new level. This plugin is meant and written by experts and is straightforward to use and understand. It reduces security risk by checking, implementing and enforcing the newest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques.

All In One WP Security also uses an unprecedented security points grading system to live how well you’re protecting your site supported the safety features you’ve got activated.

We have 3 rules in our security and firewall category which is basic, intermediate and advanced. This manner you’ll apply the firewall rules progressively without breaking your site’s functionality.

Best WordPress security plugin:

There are different types of WordPress security plugin. In this article, I will discuss some best WordPress security plugin. So, let’s start.


Sucuri is the industry leader in WordPress security. It’s one among the simplest WordPress security plugins on the market. It provides a basic free Sucuri Security plugin which helps you to secure your website.

But the important value is within the paid plans, which accompany the simplest WordPress firewall protection. The firewall always helps you to block malicious attacks when you access WordPress. The Sucuri plugin filters out bad traffic from your server.

Apart from security, their DNS level firewall with CDN gives you an incredible performance boost and accelerates your website. Most importantly, they provide to wash up your WordPress site if it gets suffering from malware at no additional cost. You’ll even take an internet site already suffering from malware, and that they will clean it up for you.


Wordfence is another popular WordPress security plugin. They provide a free version plugin which has a strong malware scanner, exploit detection, and threat assessment features.

The plugin will automatically scan your website for common threats, but you’ll also launch a full scan at any time. You’ll be alerted if any signs of a security breach are detected with the instructions to repair them. Wordfence also has a WordPress firewall. This firewall runs on your server before starting WordPress. This makes it a touch less effective than a DNS level firewall like Sucuri.

iThemes Security:

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) gives you over 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. WordPress sites are often a simple target for attacks due to plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software.

All in One WP Security & Firewall:

Security & Firewall offers many of an equivalent features as iThemes Security. So I like to recommend picking one or another.

One feature of beat One WP Security & Firewall that I prefer maybe a meter on your dashboard that provides your site with a score of how secure it’s. By adding additional security options, you’ll increase your score.
This plugin’s interface isn’t as easy to use as iThemes Security but offers a few options better fitted to certain sites.


One of the foremost common ways hackers attempt to gain access to your site is through what’s called a Brute Force Attack.

In a brute force attack, bots are sent to your site to undertake different combinations of usernames and passwords, over and over again and because it’s a computer running the attack, it can try tons of combinations during a short amount of your time.

If a website’s passwords are weak, it’s possible for a hacker to realize access in this manner. But even with strong passwords, brute force attacks can cause issues on your site. Because the bots try to log in numerous times, it can overload the server, which may cause your website to travel offline.

To prevent this, BruteProtect identifies this malware and blocks them from your website. If someone tries to log in to your site and fails too repeatedly, their IP address is restricted from your site.

On top of that, BruteProtect features a network keeping track of the IP addresses of those identified bots. So if a bot tries to attack a website on the BruteProtect network then this plugin will block that IP address.

Google Authenticator:

Even the strongest passwords out there are only so strong. There are still methods hackers can use to seek out your password and gain access to your site.

So, you’ll begin using 2-factor authentication to log in to your site. This will be easily found out using the Google Authenticator plugin, and here’s how it works: You’ll still have your username and password to log in to your site, but your login form also will ask you for your Google Authenticator code.

On your smartphone, you’ll have the Google Authenticator app which cycles through a sequence of numbers. Once you got to log in to your site, just open the app and enter the amount that’s currently shown.

With 2-factor authentication, albeit a hacker finds your username and password, it might be nearly impossible for them to urge your Google Authenticator code.

Here, I have discussed some powerful security plugin for WordPress website. You can use one from this list on your WordPress website. I hope if you use this security plugin, your website will be free from any kinds of virus and malware. So, use this security plugin and keep your website safe. Also, you can read our article How to Secure your WordPress Website.

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