How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Website?

In WordPress, your blog’s overall design is determined by the theme which you choose. When you first install WordPress in your computer, your self-hosted site uses a basic default theme that comes prepackaged with WordPress. Most people want to customize their theme design to make it their own.

In this post, I will share How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Website? And some tips to help you choose a WordPress theme for your website.

Should you choose a premium theme or a free theme?

choose a wordpress theme

If you are just starting a new project, it can be difficult to decide whether to opt for a free or premium WordPress theme. Although premium themes are generally regarded as the superior choice, this is in fact not always the case.

In this article, we will compare free themes and premium themes against the criteria of price, support, security and updates, usability, quality and other things. We also consider the benefits of choosing a premium theme. So let’s start-

Price is the obvious difference when choosing either a free or premium WordPress theme. Many of us just starting out are wary of paying for a replacement theme once they don’t know if their project will actually compute. However, although a free theme is initially ‘free’, the truth is that if you would like to make a knowledgeable or lucrative website, you’ll probably need to make purchases elsewhere. Free themes, on the entire, don’t accompany extensive features. So it’s going to cost you overflow the worth of a premium theme to update your website with the required premium plugins you’ll need for a totally effective website. Premium themes also often accompany numerous hidden extras, making them great value for money. Many premium themes accompany premium plugins already incorporated. For instance, our own theme Total comes with Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and more, included at no extra cost (plus theme updates are free for life). ThemeForest offers a variety of deals on hosting and domains if you buy one among their premium themes. Or if you join a topic club-like WPMU DEV, you’ll get access to a variety of extras like plugins, support, security, and more.

Tips: Research exactly what’s included with a topic before you download it to avoid disappointment and additional expense.

A premium theme might be a good choice for you. A premium theme is a free theme that can be upgraded at any time. This means that if at some point in the future, you decide that you need the advanced features and functionalities of a premium theme, you can easily swap to the premium version.

Now you have a good idea of what free and premium WordPress themes offer. Whichever option you select, ensure you are doing your research. Always you should download your theme from a reputable source.

What are the simplest free WordPress themes?

choose a wordpress theme

When I first started blogging I had virtually no budget so I used free WordPress themes for several years.

If you’ve got similar budget constraints, or if you’re unsure if you’ll persist with blogging long enough to justify the acquisition of a topic, these are my recommendations free themes:

  1. Astra: It does have an upgrade option, but you’ll do quite a little bit of customizing with the free option.
  2. Generate Press: This theme has excellent reviews within the WordPress Theme Directory which is usually an honest sign. And as of this writing, it’s updated regularly another great sign. Child themes are also available in this theme.
  3. WordPress default themes: These come prepackaged together with your WordPress installation. Annually a replacement one is released and is known as accordingly (i.e. Twenty Seventeen came to call at 2017, Twenty Sixteen in 2016, etc.). They’re coded by in order that they are typically safe bets.

If you can, choose the foremost recent theme available because it is usually written with the foremost up-to-date standards, but no matter the one you select (you might prefer a previous year’s look more), ensure you usually keep it updated. The update notification of your theme will appear in your WordPress Dashboard when available.

Note that these WordPress themes don’t accompany child themes. As I have said, I always recommend employing a child theme if you’re getting to make significant changes or tweaks to your design. The great news is, you’ll create your own child theme if you’d like. Doing so is frightening to some people because it requires coding, but it’s actually not that tough to try to to.

Final Step:

Choosing a WordPress theme may be a pretty straightforward process, but one which should be handled with care. Employing a crappy theme can negatively affect your site and its design, performance and user-friendly.

Hopefully, this guide about how to choose a WordPress theme for your website has provided you with the insight you’ll use to settle on the perfect WordPress theme for your website.