How to Make a Professional Logo

How to Make a Professional Logo

How to Design a Professional Logo

See any famous companies or brands that have no logo? It is inconsistent to ask such a question, as no brand can ever be imagined without a logo. The logo has a huge impact on any customer. A logo can multiply the promotion of your product or service. So, you must think about designing a professional logo, as if it were not a logo.

There is no shortage of companies in the world, as there is no shortage of logos. However, people remember more about ordinary logos than ordinary logos. For example, Google, Coca-Cola, LG, BMW, Toyota, Apple etc.

You may find it as simple as looking at the design of each logo of the famous company famous in the world. But as companies have to spend a lot of money to create these logos, designers also have to sweat their heads. In this article, I will discuss how to make a professional logo.

Professional Logo Design

When you hear the name of the logo, you might think that I just made some shapes, circles, triangles or boxes, then gave the company name and finally made a nice logo. Even if designed in this way would be a logo, this logo could not be called a propaganda logo and this logo would not take any place in people’s minds.

So today, I will discuss some of the steps in designing a professional logo. However, before designing a logo, there are 5 things to know

1. Plan Ahead of Logo Design

The initial step of creating a professional logo will be nicely done if you have not done some planning before starting the logo design. Come on, know what I want to be in planning –

Specify the purpose

Before designing a logo, ask yourself some questions first:

  • Specify the clear goals of the logo design.
  • Make sure you’re designing for whom.
  • If there are any other competitors in the company, keep them in mind.

If you have worked for a client, discuss the question above with the client in detail. Discuss with clients about the purpose of their business, what they provide, and more. Remember, you can never design good logos unless you are sure what and for whom you are designing the logo.

Specify the brand identity

Ask yourself some questions first:

  • Why has the business or company been started?
  • Which company is better than others?
  • What is the best reason?

The logo is always the brand identity of a company or business. The logo is always in psychological contact with the customer. So what should you keep in mind for which company is best and why is it different from others?

Get an idea about the logo

The most important and difficult task of logo design is to get an idea of ​​the logo. You must do this to design a logo. So to get a complete idea about a company or business as previously mentioned, let’s look at other company logos like that company.

For example, your company or business is a mobile phone maker company. So let’s see how other mobile company logo designs are. Take a look at what colours, what kind of shapes they used.

Sketch it

One of the great designs is sketching. If you have an idea about the design, create a design in your account that works in your head. Keep in mind that good design starts with books, pens and pencils. Don’t be limited to drawing a few pictures. Rather, keep drawing until you are satisfied with the design. Show your sketch to your client if needed

2. Step by step Logo Design

If you have a good idea, pay close attention to the logo design steps that are discussed below.

Specify the design style

There are many variations within the logo. You may have already done so in many design fields. But now select the type of design you want from it. Some popular style of logos:

Classic: The classic logo has more aesthetics. Colours, fonts are relatively high.

Vintage: The Vintage logo usually has a mix of the past present. Occasionally there is a royal sense of belonging.

Minimal: It is a very simple design. The effect of colours or shapes is not much. As we see in the logo of Apple or Nike.

Miscellaneous or handwriting: Refers to a logo designed by handwriting or illustration.

Typography: One of the examples of typography-based logos is Amazon and Samsung, HP and so on.

Symbol and Abstract: The logo created in the mix of some shapes can be a circle, triangle or rectangle.

Specify the colour

One of the functions of making logos attractive to people is to specify beautiful colours. It is usually best not to use more than 2 colours in the logo. It is important to remember that colours have a huge impact on the human brain. It is also important to have an idea of ​​what colour influences it.

Choose the right font

It’s very important what the font of the logo is. It is usually not OK to use multiple fonts on a logo. The beauty of the logo is lost. Also, be careful when using script fonts, display fonts, sheriffs, sans-sheriff fonts. However, in the case of the Vintage logo, this provision is relaxed.

Take the opinion of others

When you show your logo to others, you will naturally get many views. The more views you receive, the better your design can be. You can select your family, friends or relatives as an opinion.

3. Things to Avoid When Designing a Logo

Many of us have bad habits when it comes to logo design, such as:

  •     It cannot add additional colours or colours.
  •     Drop shadow should be avoided if it is not needed too much.
  •     Can’t use clip art.
  •     Unnecessary words cannot be added.
  •     Raster images cannot be used.
  •     Additional fonts cannot be used.
  •     The design is complex and cannot add too much style.

Hopefully, I was able to get some ideas about logo design. I am sure that you can understand how to make a professional logo. But the key is to design a good and professional logo, you have to be professional. In order to be professional, one must regularly look at the designs of others and design them regularly.

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