write article for a blog

How to Write Article for a Blog? Complete Guideline

Currently, an article writer in the Internet market is worth a lot. To become an article writer, there is a lot of knowledge about the subject of the article – writing what I want in my mind, I can never be an article writer in this way. An article is the most important thing about a website or blog. A skilled writer is needed for this. After choosing a niche the most important part is to write an article for your blog or website.

Today I will discuss how to write an article for a blog. So, let’s start.

write article for a blog

How to Write Article for a Blog?

Here I am giving below some effective rule to write an article for a blog.

Think before you write

Thoroughly sketch what you are writing on. Make sure to note some of the topics you will have with your main topic in advance. Arrange the small topics in a way so that the main topic becomes more important. You must have sufficient knowledge of the subject on which you are writing. Don’t give inaccurate information at all.

Know which words to work on before

The most important thing to do before writing SEO content is to use the keyword planner. If you want to use the free keyword planner, use the Google keyword planner. You need to know first how much a keyword is searching for and how much its cost (CPC). Use low competition keywords so that success will come fast. CPC must be kept in mind.

write article for a blog

Must use proper headings and subheadings

Heading and subheading should be used appropriately within each article. Heading and subheading give Google a better idea of ​​the article. It helps to rank faster. Use your main keyword within Heading and Subheading. So that Google can easily understand which keyword you want to bring up in search.

Mention of the previous post

Before reading your main post, tell the reader about your previous important post. As the view increases, the importance of each post will increase.

Link to your other article

Internal linking is the magic of SEO. Internal linking works like magic. Attach each of your related posts. For example, if you are writing a post about fishing, then link to each of the fish food, four, barashi, whatever the related post. It will rank each of your posts faster.

Linking to another blog article written on the same topic

Many people don’t want to give external links on their blog or website. This is a fatal mistake. Many people think why I would send my viewer out with a link to another’s website! But external linking is a very important thing to Google. External linking increases the honour of your post by 5%. Just because you are linking to someone else’s post means you are caring and responsible for your work/reader. External linking proves that you are giving more importance to your posts than to the needs of the reader. That’s Google’s main claim. The rank of your post will only increase, so the value of your post will increase manifold.

Use your own capture pictures

Most people make this mistake. Download your pictures from the Internet and use them in your post. But copyright problems are created day by day. So that the rank of the whole website is bad. Make your own post pictures from Canva or anywhere. This will increase the value of not only your post but also the website.

More words should be written in the article

Each post should be at least 300 words long in your article. Try writing 800+ word article. See the first 10 posts by writing to Google about the subject you are writing about. It is your responsibility not only to call the reader but also to hold the reader. The longer the reader reads your post, the higher the ranking will be. Being a reader for a long time tells Google the importance of posts. If the demands of the reader do not meet then the rank of the post will continue to deteriorate.

Post articles regularly

Try to write an article regularly. Regulatory reaches a positive message to Google. Do not write posts outside the subject of your site.

Post sharing is also important

After publishing the post try to share in social media such as- Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Reddit, Telegram, Tumblr, WhatsApp etc. Share as much as you like within 30 minutes after the post is published. And of course, Google Web Master Tool and Bing Webmaster Tool will be updated by the post. Also doping post on pingomatic.

If you follow these all rule properly I hope you will able to write an article for a blog.

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