how to write seo friendly article

How to Write SEO Friendly Article

It’s important that your site’s content is SEO and optimized. If the content is not optimized for SEO, then it is very unlikely to rank in the search engine.

SEO has been around a long time. However, although it started a long time ago, its style has changed a lot now. With every update from Google, SEO has changed a lot.

Even a few years ago, SEO and optimization of content that did not need to be done. Even so, doing some things right now can make your site more likely to be panelled. For example keyword stuffing.

In this article, I will talk about the most updated tips for write SEO friendly article. So, let’s start.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article:

Keyword Research:

write seo friendly article

Before writing content you should research keyword. There are thousands of ways to do keyword research, there are hundreds of tools. So I won’t talk about them here. Personally, I prefer to do keyword research manually. Also, is the site I use most often during word research.

At the end of Keyword Research, you basically need to set a keyword that is consistent with your site’s niche, lower the comparison and easier to rank.

Here are some popular keyword research tools I mentioned, that might help you:

SEO Friendly Title:

how to write seo friendly article

The title is one of the most important parts of your content. A visitor will first see the content’s title. Then decide whether to read the content or not. Also, search engines from titles get ideas about what the content is about. Therefore, the titles should be SEO optimized and attractive at the same time.

  • Use the specified keywords in the title. Not only use the keyword but also more words need to be added later to make the title beautiful. For example, if my keyword is “SEO tips” then I will fix something like “Best SEO Tips Ripe For The Taking (Implement Today)”.
  • Make sure your title does not cross 60 characters. You can use this tool to count the title character.

You can see these tools for generating titles. However, I would say that it is better to find beautiful titles without using any tool:


Use as many sub-headings as possible in the content. However, that does not mean that I have been sub-heading wherever I wish. You must use sub-headings where necessary.

There is no need to have keywords in sub-heading. However, be aware that the keyword comes in a natural sub-heading. It does not seem as if the keyword was intentionally forced here.

Keyword Density:

Many of us flush our hair to think about keyword density in content. Many people often ask the question of how many positive keyword densities should be, how many words should be kept per 500 words. In fact, the whole thing is out of date. Keyword density is no longer inside a fundamentals ranking factor. This was going on 4-5 years ago. This doesn’t exist anymore after Google’s recent update.

When writing content, do not keep in mind that I have to put keywords in 500 words for so many times. Keep writing content as you please. Try to bring natural keywords to content. Naturally, you will bring as many times as you can, no more. Reading the content does not feel as if the word here has been tricked

SEO Friendly URL:

For an SEO optimized content, it’s important to have the SEO optimized URL. When determining a URL, keep in mind the following:

  • The structure of the URL will be such that your keyword comes after the main domain. URL structure as in
  • Do not capitalize on URLs. The smaller you can keep, the better. Google popular Matt Cutts says “URL of a website’s first 3-5 words have more weight”.

Meta descriptions:

Meta descriptions refer to the part that we see below the title of the search results in the search engine. It’s basically a small subscription to your content that search engines show below the title.

When writing Meta descriptions you have to tell the visitor, what the content is originally written about, what it will read about the visitor. The better you write, the more your site’s CTR (Click through Rate) will increase. This will increase your ranking. Try to keep the keyword in meta descriptions, but of course, do not stuff the keywords.

Content is King:

No matter how well you do the above, nothing will work if your content is not good. Content is really king when it comes to ranking on Google. Whether you write content or write to an agency, you must look at its quality. If your content is not as good as optimized it will not work.


Interlinking and external linking are important for both contents. Where possible, link to the previous article on your site. It greatly increases the value of the content. Also, search engines can easily understand the internal structure of your site, making it easier to crawl your site.

External linking, if possible, do external linking. This will give your site visitors additional resources to read, which will increase the credibility of your site to visitors. When linking to external, try to link to all the sites that are high authority sites, PA DA too much

Use the alt tag in the image:

If your content is just text, it will be very boring for visitors. So, of course, use content wherever possible. Of course, when inserting an image, be sure to give it the alt tag. An alt tag is very important for image ranking. By default, the search engine can understand what the image is about.

Here is a short guide to optimizing my content SEO. Hope this guide works for you. If you follow this guide properly then you will be able to write SEO friendly article.

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