On Page SEO Tutorial | Beginners Guideline

To bring your website to the top of the search engine like Google, Bing or other search engines, you need to do on-page optimization. Otherwise, the main target of your website will never be fulfilled. SEO means search engine optimization. On-page SEO is one of the most important steps which take when logging into a website.

That’s why you need to know about On-Page Optimization. On-page SEO is one of the most important steps in search engine optimization. On-Page SEO knowledge must know for every webmaster. So In this article, I will discuss the On-Page SEO Tutorial. So let’s start.

On-page SEO can be done on a website when the website logged in. On-page SEO is why doing various tasks while logging into a website. You can do this for your site. On the other website, you can use the login for the honour of the user, so they need to use the user login with permission.

What thing you should do for On-Page SEO:

on page seo tutorial

At the time of On-Page SEO you should need to follow some rules. Here I am giving some rules for On-Page SEO.

Post Quality Content:

You need to write 100% quality content for your website. If you can’t do it, then you need to do proper keyword research with your writer and write content. Content means articles, pictures, graphics and audio-video whatever your visitor wants.

If your content is unique, then the visitor will come to try to get information from your site, then your site rank on the search engine. After writing content and at the time of post it, you need to keep in mind certain aspects such as:

On-Page SEO URL Optimization:

The URL of your post should be short and keywords will not belong.


The title of the post that you do will be based on the main topics. The titles or headings should be based on the keywords in your content.

Tag Optimization:

You must use some content related tags when posting content. For example, if you are writing something on a particular topic, you have to use some tags in conjunction with the text that your site will bring up when people search on Google. But of course, your content should match those tags.

Meta Description Optimization:

Meta-descriptions are a way of telling a search engine differently what a post was written about when posting content. If the search engine can understand very quickly what your post is about, then anybody who searches in the search engine will find it easy.

Submitting websites to various search engines:

When your website becomes ready to use. Then your website needs to submit in various search engine. For example, Google Webmaster, Yahoo Webmaster, Bing Webmaster, Baidu Webmaster, etc.

Website Sitemap Submit:

Those Word Press websites need to generate site-maps using its Yoast SEO plugin. The sitemap is a list of where your website is located, which will be crawled or indexed by the search engine when all webmasters submit. For this reason, you must submit a site-map of your website to the search engine. Once submitted, it will be done. The search engine will automatically index each post.

E.g. – https://duetsoft.com/sitemap_index.xml

Installing Google Analytics:

How do you understand after submitting your website to Google? How your site is performing with the search engine. That’s why Google Analytics arranges to give you all the information on your site for free. If you type ‘Google Analytics’ into Google, then you can set up analytics on your site by following the rules when Google Analytics comes up. Setting up Google Analytics will give you full data about your site and site visitors.

Regular content optimization:

Content always needs to be optimized for search engines. Content optimization cannot be turned off. You have to find different problems and solve them.

Need to post new posts regularly:

For regular website visitors, you should give new posts on your website. Otherwise, there will be chances of losing the visitor.

Internal linking to your website:

You can internal linking in your every post or page of your site. For example, if a post that is similar to a post is already posted, then adding or linking to a new page with that page will increase the value of your post to Google so it is very important.

In this article, I have discussed the On-Page SEO tutorial for beginners. Every SEO experts follow these above rules. If you want to be an SEO expert you should follow this On-Page SEO tutorial properly.