Web Design Tips for Beginners | Step by step

We are constantly browsing numerous websites. A web site is one of a kind. Every website has a different size, shape and text. Simply put, designing some text and images on a complete website using Photoshop, HTML and CSS is called web designing.

Each website is built with HTML and CSS. Therefore, if you know HTML and CSS you can create a static website. So what is HTML, CSS? These two are web programming languages ​​or website creation languages ​​that allow you to do web designing. And Photoshop is a photo editing software that allows you to design your website in advance. Later with HTML and CSS, it can convert the design into a website.

What is Web Design?

Web design means what a website looks like. As a web designer, your job is to create a complete web site template. For example, let’s see what the layout will look like the site. Where the menu will be in the header and have a sidebar, how to display the images and other. Differently speaking, the web designer’s job is to determine how the information will be displayed, without having to worry about where the website information is and where it is stored.

Why Learn Web Design?

In our country, people do not ask ‘what work I’ll learn’ or ‘what can I do’ but rather say ‘how to earn money easily’ or ‘how much money will I earn by learning it’. Web design is not for those who all time think about how much to earn or how to earn overnight. Although web design is actually one of the high-income occupations, if you want to keep the income in mind then I would say that web design is not for you. This kind of career in web design, graphic design or programming is really for those who want to do something creative and find themselves in their work. Since web design is not possible without coding and programming addicts and programming addicts, such work is only for those who are attracted to this task. But the reality is that after learning, you can earn a good income from any other profession here.

What to Learn?

In web design, there is use a variety of languages ​​and scripts depending on different perspectives, and in the beginning, using Photoshop, it is first determined. The most commonly used of these are discussed below –

HTML: HTML is a markup language. HTML is determined by what the viewer sees in a site. It’s not a programming language, it’s much easier than any programming. It is so simple that even ordinary people who do not want to learn programming can learn HTML in the face of laughter. For example, if we want to display a paragraph, we have to write it: <p>This is a paragraph</p>

CSS: This is a markup language too. It determines what the browser’s JE content will look like via HTML. That is, how big the font will be. How much space will be left next to it? What is the distance from one text to another, what colour it is, what will be the background, even with the latest CSS3 can be added and animated on the content? For example, we previously wrote an HTML paragraph. Now, if we want, we can make the text colour of that paragraph red by using the code below : p {color: red;}

Javascript / jQuery: These two are a bit closer to programming languages. Basically, two things are the same, but jQuery is a form of JavaScript that makes it much easier to use JavaScript on the site. And their job is to make the site interactive. This means that if the visitor clicks a button, the menu will open. Or submit a form to show confirmation message and so on.

It is important to start working on some of these languages, especially if you have the skills and the ability to put them to work. However, experience in such work is an ongoing process. You will have to learn more and more and make yourself a more professional, more qualified web designer.

How to be Successful?

Now nothing is secret. Learning web design isn’t an endless one. Where you’re hoping, but therein moment of possibility you fail once, twice, thrice but you still have no need to stop. Various problems faced and sometimes the solution to marketing problems is claimed to web design. This might assist you to become a successful web designer. If you want to be a web designer you should follow some web design tips for beginners.

Today I will share web design tips for beginners which will assist you to become a successful web designer.


The practice is the key to Success:

This universal truth is often applied to any profession. Study web design related software and masters in programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, Photoshop, and Corel.

Design simply:

Keep web designs as simple as you will. In your web design course, what you’ll have learned is Graphics Design’s Photoshop, Corel, etc. you’ll add simple graphics to your website in order that it twill attractive to your readers.

Graphics website summary:

For your readers, the image on the website of your graphics is going to be one that’s not too small, it should be medium in order that the image is clearly visible.

Help get readers’ attention on interactive graphics:

It is always advisable to use interactive graphics but the utilization of the many graphics websites is totally in danger.

Create your clip art:

To make your website attractive, you would like perfect graphics but sometimes you’ll not find anything good for your internet site. Create your own graphics with Photoshop or the other tool you wish best.

Use a standard theme:

Do not use different styles for various sites. Keep constant and standardized themes for your website or blog. So your visitors won’t be confused whenever they navigate to your website.

Create Responsive Design:

At this point, responsive design is the hottest and straightforward to find out. You’ll learn from the Responsive Design book and include the simplest responsive themes on your website.

Use simple and simple navigation:

Simplify navigation, keeping internal and external navigation links visible and hospitable your readers very quickly.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

After creating your website the next step is SEO. There are many recommendations on the web that we will not discuss intimately but you would like to look at the fundamentals of titles, meta tags and best keywords.

Browser Compatible:

Make your website compatible with most web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.

The website must be easy to read:

Put interesting text on your website, if it’s not properly placed, your visitors will leave your website. Carefully, blank to read the text all the time.

You will follow but do not copy:

Follow top web designers and learn from them the maximum amount as you’ll. This may motivate you and assist you to become a successful web developer. Don’t copy the other article, just learn from them.

To become a professional designer, get in touch with other designers:

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, you ought to always confine touch with other designers. They’re going to definitely assist you if you’d wish to realize web design tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to ask your associate designer. For this, you can follow some web design tips for beginners.

Get freebies and use them:

Now there are some ways to download free from the web. You’ll use your website to urge customized plugins.

Create Your Design Passion:

Create a Passion in Your Design then your career will succeed easily. Your practice causes you to perfect, so you’ve got to practice, practice and practice, alternatively quit.

Don’t miss out on new designers:

If you’re a knowledgeable designer, never celebrate with new designers. Help new designers grow in order that they will get older.

Belief in yourself will cause you to knowledgeable at work:

It is most vital to believe yourself. Without this motivation to “trust” you’ll never be a successful professional designer. Simply do the tasks for this.

Trendy & Honor Copyright:

You need to be trendy to succeed, always write trending articles for your website. This may help increase your website’s readership. If you would like to be professional then you would like to believe the image and provides a reference to the opposite copyright. You want to give the author credit if you are doing not get permission to use the image. If you’re unsure of a few photo licenses, you ought to use it. Refrain from doing.

Publish quality content:

You know what “Content is King” on your website and despite the great graphics on your website, your readers aren’t accepted. So write and publish unique content for your website often. Don’t copy others’ articles. Write short but effective content.

Update website because the user wants:

Even if your website looks great and has the simplest graphics, your website could also be closed to users. This is often why you would like to stay in mind that your website changes as your readers respond.

If you follow these web design tips for beginners I am sure you will be successful in the web design sector.